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Survival Kit Set


Type: First Aid Kits Product name: Outdoor Survival First Aid Kits 1. Multifunctional scraper; 2. High-frequency double-hole whistle; 3. Bright flashlight; 4. Portable knife; 5. Sabre card; 6. Copper shell compass; 7. Portable key light; 8. Tungsten steel is broken window defense pen; 9. First aid blanket; 10. Survival wire saw; 11. MOLLE water bottle hanging buckle; 12. Large waterproof and shockproof storage...

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  • Type: First Aid Kits 
    Product name: Outdoor Survival First Aid Kits 
    1. Multifunctional scraper; 
    2. High-frequency double-hole whistle; 
    3. Bright flashlight; 
    4. Portable knife; 
    5. Sabre card; 
    6. Copper shell compass; 
    7. Portable key light; 
    8. Tungsten steel is broken window defense pen; 
    9. First aid blanket; 
    10. Survival wire saw; 
    11. MOLLE water bottle hanging buckle; 
    12. Large waterproof and shockproof storage box. 
    Survival garget: Outdoor camping travel kit equipment 
    Camping kit: Survival gear kit garget 
    Survival first aid kit: Survival camp kit Travel camp k