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Boundless Voyage Titanium Tableware Cutlery Set


Titanium Tableware set Brand: Boundless VoyageMaterial: 99.8% Titanium2PCS/LOT: Ti1045T/Ti1046T/Ti1047T/Ti1048TTi1045T: Spork+ForkTi1046T: Spork+ KnifeTi1047T: Knife+ForkTi1048T: Spoon+Fork 3PCS/LOT: Ti1049T/Ti1050T/Ti1051TTi1049T: Knife+Fork+Round ChopsticksTi1050T: Knife+Fork+SporkTi1051T: Knife+Fork+Spoon(Classical collocation) 4PCS/LOT: Ti1052TTi1052T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork 5PCS/LOT: Ti1053T/Ti1054T/Ti1073TTi1053T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork+Round ChopsticksTi1054T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork+Square ChopsticksTi1073T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Square Chopsticks+Straw Dimensions:Knife: about 185x16 mm; 15 gFork: about 164x22 mm; 12 gSpoon: about 160x36 mm; 15 gSpork: about 160x36...

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    Titanium Tableware set

    Brand: Boundless Voyage
    Material: 99.8% Titanium
    2PCS/LOT: Ti1045T/Ti1046T/Ti1047T/Ti1048T
    Ti1045T: Spork+Fork
    Ti1046T: Spork+ Knife
    Ti1047T: Knife+Fork
    Ti1048T: Spoon+Fork

    3PCS/LOT: Ti1049T/Ti1050T/Ti1051T
    Ti1049T: Knife+Fork+Round Chopsticks
    Ti1050T: Knife+Fork+Spork
    Ti1051T: Knife+Fork+Spoon(Classical collocation)

    4PCS/LOT: Ti1052T
    Ti1052T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork

    5PCS/LOT: Ti1053T/Ti1054T/Ti1073T
    Ti1053T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork+Round Chopsticks
    Ti1054T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Spork+Square Chopsticks
    Ti1073T: Knife+Fork+Spoon+Square Chopsticks+Straw

    Knife: about 185x16 mm; 15 g
    Fork: about 164x22 mm; 12 g
    Spoon: about 160x36 mm; 15 g
    Spork: about 160x36 mm; 15.4 g
    Chopsticks: about 230 mm; 15 g
    Straw: about 216 mm; 9 g
    Hook: about 24x48 mm; 5g
    Note: Manual measurement ± 5 mm/ ± 5 g