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Video: K. 11 Fishing park

Video: K. 11 Fishing park

In this video they visited K11 fishing park here in Bangkok. This is one of the cleanest best kept lakes he has ever visited. One side of the lake has the shelters equipped with chairs and tables. There is a newly built air-conditioned coffee shop here as well as a Car wash and a large car park. The lake is supposedly stocked with mostly tilapia and that is what most people come here for but on the day, he visited not many tilapia where being caught. He managed to get a climbing perch as well as 3 Siamese carp and a Mekong. The Siamese carp are very small and probably not even 1 Kg, but they will soon grow and stocking carp at 30+ Kg is a very expensive exercise, so I understand why they stocked them small.

Video credits: fishinginbangkok

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