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Top 10 Best Camping And Fishing Resorts In Europe

Top 10 Best Camping And Fishing Resorts In Europe

There is no denying that a camping trip or a fishing day out are fantastic uses of your time, but what can be better than combining them both?

It is no wonder many people look forward to a camping and fishing trip, allowing them a few days break from the trials and tribulations of life.

Across Europe, keen anglers and campers are spoiled for choice, and no matter your budget, location or fishing preference, you are sure to find a resort that is perfect for your needs.

While everyone has their tastes and preferences, these resorts deserve to be ranked amongst the top 10 best camping and fishing resorts in Europe. We would love to hear your thoughts on these resorts, or resorts that aren’t listed but you feel should be more widely known.

Let us know your thoughts on our selection of camping and fishing resorts in Europe, but for now, read on, and start planning your next getaway.

Best campsite and fishing resorts in France

France is a beautiful country, and you can’t go wrong if you book a holiday here. France has long been a haven for campers, and you have no shortage of exquisite resorts and destinations to choose from.

For many travellers, the vineyards of France are the driving force in their decision, but the two resorts we’ve selected will be perfect for those looking to fish in a glorious setting.

Camping La Rochelambert

If you are looking to be at one with nature, while remaining close to civilisation, you will find the Camping La Rochelambert resort, in the Haute-Loire region of France is ideal.

You are a five-minute drive from Saint-Paulien and just a 20-minute drive from Le Puy-en-Belay, but for anglers, it is the opportunity to enjoy a wildlife haven on the banks of the Borne river that will appeal the most.

Youngsters enjoy spotting and claiming crayfish by the banks, but for keen fishermen and women, you have a chance to enjoy a full day’s activities without being bothered. While the stream may seem modest by some standards, it is in a fantastic setting, and many guests have left glowing reviews of a fruitful day.

With electric and non-electric grass pitches available, there should be something for every angler or household to enjoy.

If you are travelling as a family, there is plenty of entertainment on offer to ensure everyone is amused, and this gives you more free time to slip off and cast off! Alternatively, if you are here simply to fish, you can avoid the rest, and focus on what matters to you.

Camping du Lac de la Chausselière, Vendée

While the Camping La Rochelambert is a great resort for people who need to juggle the needs of their family and loved ones with their passion for fishing, the Camping du Lac de la Chausselière, is the perfect destination for people who are obsessed with enjoying the best fishing trip.


The campsite itself is perfectly located at the foot of the lake, and the lake itself has been specially adapted to enhance your fishing experience. There are 18 pontoons, giving you plenty of options, without feeling as though your peace and tranquillity is being disturbed.

You have a fantastic range of options in the pursuit of roach, rudd, carp and pike.

A hue draw for the campsite is it offers fishing workshops, perfect for beginners or anglers looking to hone their skills. If you are travelling with children and you want to introduce them to the fabulous world of fishing, booking a trip here, and a place in the fishing workshop is one of the best ways to kindle a love for the activity.

Glowing reviews and testimonials suggest the fishing workshop at the Camping du Lac de la Chausselière is playful and innovative, ensuring it is a fun day for all the family, while offering great insight into improving your fishing skills.

Best campsite and fishing resorts in Spain

In the grand scheme of things, we appreciate fishing is not at the top of the list for most people’s idea of a great activity when holidaying in Spain.

However, that means there is more room for the rest of us who love this sport, and you’ll see Spain has a tremendous array of fishing and camping sites to look out for. When it comes to topping up your tan and enjoying life at a slower pace, Spain is a world champion, and these are attributes anglers love!

Parque Ardales

Anyone looking to get away from it all will find Parque Ardales to be ideal for their needs. After all, the resort is located at the opening to a massive forest, and through the pine trees you will find the banks of the dam Conde del Guadalhorce.

For fishers, this is the perfect setting, with a lake so clean, you can easily see the fish in the water. If your fishing exploits have been hampered by poor surroundings, you’ll have no excuses when you book a trip to this resort.

For a resort that offers a tranquil escape, it is still family friendly, and an ideal location for families that love swimming and orienteering activities. You will find plenty of reasons to be on the go here, but you can sidestep all that, and take time out on the banks and fish to your hearts content.

Camping Lake Caspe

The Aragon Sea is well known for its quality and quantity of fish, and if you are looking to encounter these fish in a glorious setting, you should check out what Camping Lake Caspe has to offer.

Some of the fish you will encounter at this resort include black bass, carp, zander, perch and welsh catfish. From March to November, there is a strong level of fish on offer, but if you are after a particular type of fish, double-check when they are in season. As an example, if you are keen to challenge black bass, a trip in April or May would be best, or perhaps an end of season fishing expedition in October or November.

If you are driven by the thought of catching carp, the period from June through to October will appeal to you most.

The lake has been home to perch for many years, and this is why so many experienced anglers return to the resort time and time again. If you are looking for an aggressive predator to test your fishing skills, you will love the challenge on offer here.

If you are keen to enhance your fishing activities, you can hire a boat and venture further out into the water. There is nothing wrong with staying on the bank and fishing from this vantage point, as the wide range of positive reviews suggests. However, it seems for the experienced fishers and the people who want to return home with the best stories of their trip, it makes sense to hire a boat and make your way out further.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Ireland

The Emerald Isle is known for many things, most notably for its inhabitants having a good time, and what could be a better way to spend your time than fishing?

You might need to be prepared for all weathers, in just one day, but we promise you it will be worth it when you see the amazing views, and tremendous fishing options available in Ireland.

Clifden Eco Beach

When a site makes a claim about having “probably the best fishing waters in Europe”, you have to take an interest!

When you stay at the Clifden Eco Beach, you have the opportunity to test this claim for yourself. You not only have the chance to pit yourself against a wide range of fish, up to 20 different species are found in the area, you can hunt blue sharks. Therefore, no matter what you are after, from tuna to sharks, you’ll find Clifden Eco Beach a fantastic base for your fishing expeditions.

There is a wide range of fishing expeditions on offer in the area, so if you are looking to have a day out under the tutelage of experienced fishers, you can do so. For those looking to venture out into the sea, this is the safest and most exhilarating way to do so.

Any angler booking a family holiday will be delighted to know there are excursions for all ages, so there is something for every family member. Also, the green-outlook ensures that everyone is on board with the trip, regardless of how environmentally friendly they are in their outlook.

It is a sizable claim to suggest Clifden offers the best fishing waters in Europe, but even if this claim fell slightly short, you would still enjoy one of the finest fishing trips of your life in this beautiful part of Ireland.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Scotland

When it comes to countries with natural beauty and breath-taking backdrops, Scotland is up there with the finest in the world. Also, it is a nation that has many glorious campsites, as people look to spend their entire day surrounded by the settings that are shared around the world.

It is also no surprise to say that Scotland, a country which benefits from a drop of rain or two, has brilliant fishing locations, so we shouldn’t be shocked when they are combined in a number of tremendous campsite and fishing resorts in Scotland.

Fortrose Bay Campsite

Fortrose is a historic seaside village, and lying 15 miles north-east of Inverness, it serves as a fantastic gateway to the Highlands of Scotland. Unlike many destinations in Scotland, Fortrose Bay isn’t affected by midges, so this is an excellent starting point as a camping resort in the country.

There is a wide range of fish to find here including the black bream, seabass, the brill fish, the bull huss, coal fish and cod. No matter your skillset or experience, there is a brilliant range of challenges on offer, so if you are looking to return home with great memories and some stories to share, this is an excellent location.

Also, when it comes to snaps that will make your friends jealous when they see them on your social media updates, Fortrose Bay is one of the finest destinations you can find.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Italy

Given that Italy seems to do everything with a nonchalant grace and eternal beauty, it is no surprise they provide camping and fishing resorts that live long in the memory.

Alla Baita

Located minutes away from Lake Misurina, you have access to one of the most highly regarded fishing destinations in all of Italy. While the Dolomites are the star attraction for many of the guests who stay here, you’ll find the lake fishing is tranquil, and rewarding.

The campsite itself offers a chance to get back to nature, but you can rest assured there is Wi-Fi and charging points in the nearby restaurant.

Alla Baita is a resort that offers something for everyone, so if you are looking to explore Italy with loved ones, while enjoying some fishing time, this is one of the best resorts you will find.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Germany

The many wonders of Germany never cease to amaze, and if you haven’t considered the fishing or camping options available in the country, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get away from it all.

Ferienpark Süderstapel

You’ll be fishing in the Eider, with pike and perch being the fish on offer.

With this resort being highly regarded for tranquillity, those looking to escape from it all will welcome everything that is on offer. You can spend the full day, or even your full holiday, fishing and you don’t need to engage or interact with others! For many, this sounds like heaven.

As you’d expect, there is a beautiful setting, and if you have spare time away from fishing, you have a lot to explore. You can also enjoy kayaking and surfboarding if you are in the mood for excitement and adventure.

Then again, if all you want to do is fish and perhaps spend some time in a canoe, you can do everything your heart desires.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular European holiday destinations, and it is easy to see why. A pleasant climate, a welcoming atmosphere and so much to do means people of all ages are drawn to the nation.

However, if you haven’t considered Croatia as a fishing holiday destination, it is perhaps time to review this option.

Fishing Camp Croatia

Sometimes you want to keep things simple, which means when you see a resort called Fishing Camp Croatia, why look anywhere else?

You’ll be located two hours out of Zagreb, in the village of Ivanjski Bok, and the resort is able to arrange a lift from the airport if you are looking to waste as little time as possible.

Anyone looking to fish carp will be delighted to hear the resort is considered one of the finest carp hatcheries in all of Europe. Some of the carp have been known to weigh up to 55lbs, so you might need a helping hand to reel one in!

The resort also allows anglers the chance to fish for catfish, zander and European perch, while largemouth bass is on offer from a nearby lake.

Whether you look to enjoy fishing excursions or you like to sit by yourself and lose yourself in the moment, the Fishing Camp Croatia is a fantastic destination for new and experienced fishermen and women alike.

Best campsite and fishing resort in Denmark

Denmark is a tremendous country for outdoor sports and activities, so of course fishing and camping is on offer here. You have many options to consider but if you are looking for a destination that provides tremendous fishing, and a lot more, you will love this selection.

Rosenvold Strand Camping

The camp is located on Vejle Ford, and you have access to a wide range of fish here. You will find sea trout of up to 10kg, while in the Vejle inlet, anglers can pitch battle with garfish, cod, herring, flatfish and sea trout.

This is a popular fishing area in Denmark, so if you want to feel confident about the destination and its ability to offer you a fantastic day, or week of fishing, rest assured this has everything you are looking for.

The campsite is located in beautiful surroundings, and you can also enjoy a beach and forest during your stay. You can create a perfect blend of relaxation or activity in your stay, which might be ideal if your travelling party has different ideas on what constitutes a fantastic break.

When it comes to finding a holiday destination that suits everyone, but makes sure you can enjoy fishing at its finest, Rosenvold Strand Camping is an excellent choice.

Round-up of the best camping and fishing resorts in Europe

It is possible to create a list of the 100 best camping and fishing resorts in Europe, let alone the best 10, but who has the time to read through a list that long? In this list, we’ve tried to cater for a wide range of needs, and it should be appreciated that even in the fishing community, one person’s perfect trip would be a nightmare for someone else.

So, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best camping and fishing resorts in Europe, and we would love to hear your opinions. If you have been camping and fishing in Europe, tell us where you went and what you love? Also, feel free to share what matters to you when it comes to your ideal fishing and camping holiday in Europe.

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