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Fishing the Dams in Thailand

Fishing the Dams in Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic country for fishing. There is an abundance of fishing resorts, ensuring you can receive the best standard of support and service anytime you want to fish. However, many people are keen to fish of their own accord, and you have the chance to do so in many locations across the country.

An article about water management in Thailand states the following;

Currently, there are 682 dams across the region in which 33 are categorized as large dams, each having more than 100 m3 storage capacity; 463 dams as medium capacity account for 5,325 m3 storage in total; and 4,262 are as small reservoirs (RID, 2010; Chanjula, 2009).” 

So, with close to 700 dams across Thailand, there is no shortage of options for people looking for a dam close to them. Not all of these dams are suitable for camping or fishing, but many are. If you are a keen angler looking to find out great fishing spots in Thailand, improving your knowledge of the nation’s dams will give you a fantastic starting point for finding your ideal destination.

We have highlighted some of the most popular dams in Thailand for anglers, but if you have a spot that you feel people should know about, please get in touch.

Khao Laem Dam

When it comes to an expansive body of water, you can’t go wrong with Khao Laem Dam. This is more than 6okm long, and at its widest point, the dam stretches 25km across!

There is a carp fishing area that is ideal for people looking for a fishing spot in the wilderness which sees them located amongst an area of natural beauty. There are many islands located at the northern end of the dam, and this is a perfect place to gaze upon the mountains.

There is a river system which moves from below the dam all the way to the sea at Samut Songkhram. If you are on the lookout for a giant freshwater stingray, this is an excellent destination.

Sirikit Dam

This dam was constructed back in 1973, and it is an excellent setting for anglers looking to fish in a jungle setting. There is a natural reservoir here of 250 sq km, and you’ll find a brilliant range of flowers and local wildlife in this area.

However, if fishing is your only focus, you will find that many of the leading predators are found here.

The giant snakehead and jungle barbs are common sights here, allowing you to pit your wits against fierce and competitive creatures. The array of stilted houses, made out of wood, gives proof that this is an area that has long welcomed anglers. Many locals have set up a proper base, and you’ll find many local fishing rafts setting off on daily excursions.

If you are keen to book a trip with local anglers, ensuring you see the best sights and places to fish, you can arrange this with ease. You can even select between a day of fishing or longer trips. With basic accommodation on offer, you can maximise your time fishing here.

Mae Ngat Dam

This dam is located in the Sri Lanna national park, one of the largest national parks in the country. The lake covers 1,281 sq km, and while the jungles that border the lake play host to wildlife such as boar, gibbons, black bears and fishing cats, it is the fish in the dam that are the big pull for people visiting this part of Thailand.

The giant snakehead is a ferocious creature in this dam while Indian carp and Jungle perch are common sights. There is a selection of floating fishing rafts dotted over the course of the dam, and these can be used as accommodation if you are keen to spend a few days in this part of Thailand.

A single day trip is often enough for anglers, but anyone looking to arrange a longer trip will find this is possible to pull together.

Finding the right fishing spot can make or break a day or even a week, and this is the case for anyone travelling to or staying in Thailand. If you have found a fantastic dam fishing resort in Thailand, we are keen to hear from you.

Pass on your hints and tips regarding fishing by the dams of Thailand, and we will be more than happy to share them with our audience.

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