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Fishing And Camping Resorts In Africa

Fishing And Camping Resorts In Africa

When you consider both camping and fishing are hugely popular activities in Africa, it makes sense that combining these two attractions is a great draw for many people.

There are many things you can do with your spare time in Africa, but few are as enjoyable or as rewarding as fishing and camping together.

Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with a list of fishing and camping resorts in Africa. If you are planning a trip or adventure on this great continent, hopefully we can be of assistance.

Fishing in Zambia

You have no shortage of fantastic lakes to choose from in Zambia to ensure you enjoy a fantastic time when fishing. Lake Kariba is well known as one of the leading sport fishing areas, and as a man-made lake, it has been designed with anglers in mind. This lake runs into Zimbabwe, and if you are looking to catch bream, Tiger fish or Kapenta, this is as good a spot as any.

There is also Lake Bangweulu, and this is extremely popular with locals, and is known for catfish, Tiger fish and bream.

As another option in Zambia, you should consider Lake Mweru, which is on the boundary with DR Congo, and is another fantastic fishing option.

Camping in the wild is extremely popular in Zambia, and the dry season is August and September.

Fishing in Gambia

It might not be the first destination which springs to mind, but for many anglers, Gambia is one of the leading fishing destinations in the entire world. MacCarthy Island has a tremendous reputation for a wide range of fish, including Sharp tooth Catfish, Tiger fish, Guitar Fish, Red snapper, Travallay, Threadfin Salmon, Vundu Catfish, and Zambezi Pike.

The area caught national, and international attention, when a Tiger fish weighing 21lb was caught, and demand for fishing in the area has grown ever since.

Fishing in Morocco

With two coastlines, it is no surprise Morocco is able to offer a fantastic selection of fishing activities and adventures. There is clear water, so if you want to enhance your chances of seeing and catching fish, this is a destination you should consider.

Some of the most highly regarded fishing spots in Morocco include:

  • Azrou near Aghmas lakes
  • Bin el Ouidane
  • Khenifra situated on River Oum er Rbia
  • Ouirgane on River Nfis

The most commonly found fish species in Morocco include carp perch, eels, pikes, roach and black bass. However, if you are interested in heading to the mountains for the lakes in this part of the country, you can fish for trout and barbell alongside black bass and perch.

Fishing in Uganda

If you are interested in a safari adventure, it is likely you are already familiar with Uganda. There is a lot to see and do here, but if you are looking to fish in this part of Africa, you should consider Lake Victoria and the Murchison Falls National Park, which lies on the Nile.

There is an excellent range of fishing tours provided in Lake Victoria, although you are free to have your own expedition. With an overnight tour, you can enjoy a full day of excitement, and all the fishing equipment you need can be hired, which saves you bringing your own. Of course, if you have your personal fishing equipment, feel free to bring it along. Nile Perch is the most commonly found fish in this lake.

Sport fishing is hugely popular in Murchison Falls National Park, with catfish and Nile Perch on offer. You can also find Tiger fish, although many experienced anglers use this type of fish as bait.

You can hire a boat, but you are also free to fish from the river bank. However, please be aware that Nile crocodiles and hippos might join you on the bank, so this is something to consider when you are planning your trip.

Fishing in South Africa

With a coastline which spreads across 1,500 miles, and with more than enough lakes, streams and rivers to consider, fishing is hugely popular in South Africa. If you are looking to enjoy freshwater fishing, you will find trout and Tiger fish the most popular fish in the local area.

If you are indulging in deep-sea fishing, you can join a tour from any of the leading coastal ports. On this style of trip, you will see marlin, sharks, barracuda, tuna, Dorado and sailfish.

Dinokeng Fishing & Camping

If you are in either Pretoria or Johannesburg, you know the pace of life can be overwhelming at times. However, a brilliant feature of these destinations is you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a completely different pace of life.

The Dinokeng Game Reserve is a hugely popular tourist attraction, but for us, it is the combination of fishing and camping that stands out above all the other ways you can fill your time.

When you take on board that Dinokeng means “Place of Rivers”, it shouldn’t be a surprise that water fun is on the cards here. With a river and dam set up for fishing, the bass fishing is well-regarded, and we think you’ll have a tremendous time when you book to stay here.

Other fishing trips on offer in Africa

Given the size and majesty of Africa, we couldn’t do justice with a single list, and there are many other tremendous destinations you should consider.

Some of the leading fishing destinations in Africa include:

  • Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania
  • Lake Malawi in Malawi
  • Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

If you are planning a fishing and camping trip in Africa, we hope this list has provided you with a starting point that narrows down your options. If you are arranging a fishing and camping trip in Africa, let us know where, and what you are most looking forward to.

If you have previously enjoyed an African camping and fishing trip, let us know where you went, and what you enjoyed most. We would love to share your thoughts and tips.



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