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Different Types Of Carp Found In Thailand

Different Types Of Carp Found In Thailand

While there are many fantastic reasons to visit Thailand, the tourist fishing industry is a huge factor. Of all the types of fish available for anglers to catch in Thailand, carp is likely to be the best known, and most highly-desired.

There are many different types of carp found in Thailand, including native Thai species and imported carp. If size is important to you, you will not be let down with the supply of carp in Thailand, as some of the largest fish in the world are found here.

The common carp is the ideal starting point in studying the fish of Thailand

The name of this type of fish alone should indicate that it is one you will find across the country, and it is a feature of most lakes and fishing resorts. The common carp is native to Thailand, and they feature in rivers and ponds, as well as the man-made destinations and venues.

While many carp in Thailand are known globally for their size, this isn’t the case with the common carp. A comparison with the traditional carp as you find in Europe, sees the Thai common carp coming across as smaller. If you capture a common carp that comes in at around 8kg to 10kg, you are doing extremely well with your plunder!

Many anglers declare worms as being a suitable style of bait to catch the common carp, but rice-flour mixes or bread bait are also recommended by many specialists. Don’t let the name put you off, the common carp is well worth pursuing if you fish in Thailand.

The whole world talks about the Giant Siamese carp

If you are thinking about the fish of Thailand, it is likely that the Giant Siamese Carp is the one which spring to mind. This is the largest carp species in the entire world, and some people refer to it as the “mother of all carp”. Given this fish has a maximum size of around 250kg, most people are happy to call it whatever it wants!

The size alone is impressive, and enough of an enticement for anglers to pit their wits against it, but this is a very challenging carp. You’ll find countless stories of the fighting strength of this fish, and they also have a very cautious nature. Therefore, when anglers catch this style of fish, it is a great achievement, and many people take immense pride in bagging one of these.

As you would expect because of the size of this fish, it isn’t available in every resort, but given its popularity, you should be able to find it on offer. If you are looking for something slightly less challenging, the juvenile carp is also available, and is commonly found in the north of the country. These fish grow to up to 50kg, and are well worth pitting your wits against.

It is no surprise to learn such a huge fish enjoys bait such as chicken heart or sausage, but you can also tackle the Giant Siamese carp with pellets, rice husk and breadcrumbs.

The Java Barb carp is highly desired by anglers in Thailand

There are many popular fish amongst the fishermen and woman in Thailand, but the Java Barb, which is sometimes referred to as the Silver Barb, is a popular choice for anglers. If you are looking for a competitive fish that can be caught with light tackle, this is a fish you should be on the lookout for. Bread bait is ideal for a fish that has a maximum weight of less than 2kg.

As the Java Barb breeds easily, there is always plenty on offer, but it is a known bait fish of the Giant snakehead, so it serves a range of purposes.

The Julliens Golden Price Carp is a beautiful fish

If you are looking for an appealing carp that catches the eye, you will not find many better than this native Thai fish. Sadly, this fish is becoming endangered, with the loss of its natural habitat and overfishing in some quarters, meaning that this fish is nowhere near as abundant as we would like.

If you are looking to take on this fish, you are advised to check in with fishing parks and resorts to check they have it. There is a broad range of this fish to look out for, some destinations offer it up to 20kg in size, but there are some places where you might be able to find 50kg varieties!

The rainy season is the best time of year to take on this carp, and when it comes to the best standard of bait, you’ll find that breadcrumbs work well when mixed with sweetcorn, pellets or rice husks.

The Jungle Perch is a great fish to look out for

Take me to your Paradise, I want to see your Jungle Perch! That is the cry from many anglers across Thailand who love pitting their wits against this carp, sometimes known as the Hampala Barb, which can grow up to 8kg. However, the average size of the Jungle Perch is around the 1 to 2 kg mark, and many observers consider this fish to be an exciting challenge for anglers of all levels.

When it comes to making the most of your time fishing, look out for this fish attacking bait fish in great numbers. When nature acts in full flow, it can be a jaw-dropping sight, and the water display on offer here will stick with you for a long time. Also, if you are looking for the optimum chance to snap up these fish, this is the time to do so.

Don’t be a stick in the mud with this small-scale carp

If you have a hankering for a vegetarian fish species, the small-scale mud carp is likely to be your bets option in and around Thailand. While the name of this fish indicates it is a miniscule option for anglers to take on, they have been known to reach up to 15kg.

This is a carp that is hugely popular with the tourists and holidaymakers who visit Thailand for the fishing experience. If you are planning your trip to take on this style of fish, you will be delighted to know that it is available close to all year round, with the best time for fishing stated between February and November!

Are you fishing for Rohu?

Another vegetarian fish species in Thailand is the Rohu, which is sometimes referred to as the Indian Carp. As the name suggests, this is not a native Thai fish, rather it was introduced to the eco-system, but it is one that has been welcomed.

The average size of the Rohu comes in at between 3 and 6kg, but in some resorts, it has been known to reach up to 20kg. If you have light tackle, you can still feel confident about taking the Rohu on, and your regular carp tackle will be more than adequate in dealing with it!

Other carp or barbs in Thailand you should look out for include:

  • Mrigal Carp

  • The Black Shark Minnow

  • Big Head Carp

  • Stracheyi Mahseer

If you’re looking to take a fishing trip in Thailand, we have just what you need! Fishing In Thailand is the best resource for everything from booking your Thai fishing tour to learning about the different types of carp found in the country. Whether you want to go on an adventure and catch some big fish or if you prefer relaxing at a nearby hotel while someone else does all the work, our website will help make your dream come true. We offer both guided tours and private charters depending on what type of experience suits your needs. So, whatever you need to make your fishing trip the best holiday ever, rely on Fishing In Thailand.

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