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Carp Fishing On The River Ebro Spain

Carp Fishing On The River Ebro Spain

There are many fantastic carp fishing destinations in Europe, and around the world. You might not think Spain is your first choice, but you might be surprised by the level of carp fishing on the River Ebro in Spain.

This is a destination that is growing in popularity amongst anglers, offering a wide range of carp fishing challenges.

Some facts about the River Ebro

1. The Ebro River is the second longest river in Spain and one of the most important rivers in Europe

2. The Ebro River begins at a spring near Biscarrués, close to the Pyrenees, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea near Tarragona

3. It has been an important waterway for trade and transportation since ancient times

4. In Roman times it was known as Hispaniae or Hispanicus Flumen (the Spanish River)

5. It is believed that Hannibal crossed this river with elephants during his famous march on Rome from Iberia across Gaul to Italy in 218 BC

6. The Romans built bridges over it, including one at Zaragoza which still exists today

Why you should fish for carp in the Ebro River

The Ebro River system in Spain is one of the largest with a long history as an excellent carp fishing spot. More people are catching on to how great it really is and its potential as a carp fishing destination.

Many anglers will find the Ebro River is home to some of the largest and heaviest carp you are likely to come across. The sight of 50+lb fish is a common one in this part of Spain, and it has been known for some fish caught here to top the scales in excess of 80lbs. If you are looking for a challenge, this is a destination that will push your fishing skills to the maximum.

What’s the best times of the year to fish the Ebro River and why?

Fish are most likely to be caught during the autumn months because they're feeding up before winter. From April through May, the fish are lighter in weight than they are in the autumn, but the weather conditions for anglers are very appealing. Of course, for experienced anglers, fishing season starts at any time of year if you know how to catch them!

If you can brave the conditions in winter, you’ll find that fish travel in shoals. With the fish moving together, you might find yourself on a hot streak, so anyone looking to bag a personal best is advised to fish for carp at the Ebro River at this time of year.

Do I need any special permits to fish on the Ebro?

Yes, it is important to note you require two licences to fish for carp on the Ebro.

The first licence is the general fishing licence for Spain. The second licence is the daily permit for the specific fishing zone. Please arrange these in advance of setting off for your fishing trip, as it will minimise the likelihood of problems arising.

Please note that live bait is not allowed around the Ebro River, and the use of fishing nets is prohibited. Also, carp fishing is allowed on a catch and release basis.

What bait should I use when fishing for carp on the River Ebro?

While your personal preference will influence the bait you prefer, many anglers on the river swear by the use of halibut pellets.

Is there anything which makes carp fishing on the Ebro stand out?

While the climate is pleasant, the waters can be challenging, and some people view this as a wild destination. If you are here when the weather turns, expect storms, strong winds and big rises in the water level.

If you would prefer to avoid fishing in these conditions, check the long-range weather reports, and make an informed decision as to when it is best for you to fish here.

If you love the idea of fishing in challenging conditions, look ahead to a time when you are in for a challenge!

If you are keen to make memories that will last a lifetime, fishing here when the weather takes a nasty turn will live with you for many years.

Is it worth travelling to Spain to fish on the Ebro?

While there are many fantastic carp fishing destinations across Europe, and around the world, there is a lot to be said for carp fishing in this part of Spain. Some of the key reasons anglers travel here to fish include:

  • You have the opportunity to fish in a famous destination

  • This is a challenging resort, and all levels of anglers will find a level they are comfortable with

  • As you’d expect, the climate is welcoming, ideal for those looking to fish in pleasant weather

  • Away from the fishing itself, you can enjoy a trip filled with fantastic food and drink, making for a very social trip

Carp fishing on the River Ebro is a challenge, but it has many great features. The climate and setting provide a warm welcome, and there are big carp to fish for. If you plan on visiting this region of Spain in search of some serious angling action, let us know!

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