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Camping in National Parks in Thailand

Camping in National Parks in Thailand

For some reason, camping isn’t as popular in Thailand as it is in some countries. Perhaps the abundance of accommodation is a factor in why the uptake for camping is low, but of course, camping isn’t just about saving money.

Yes, camping is often more affordable than paying for a hotel, but for the millions of campers around the world, the activity is a chosen delight and pleasure. You have a chance to commune with nature, and you can maximise your time in a pleasant setting.

When you think about how many fantastic open spaces there are in Thailand, and how many places are remote from what you could all an urban area, it is perhaps a surprise that camping isn’t more popular in Thailand.

However, there are many people who do camp in Thailand, and this number is growing every year. If you are looking to camp in Thailand, camping in national parks is the best way to do so.

You have a lot of national parks to choose from in Thailand

There are more than 120 national parks in Thailand, and if you include marine parks, you reach 150 destinations. Therefore, you have many options, allowing you to try different venues and to see as much of the country as possible.

No matter where you are in Thailand, there will be a national park within easy reach of where you are, allowing you to plan an expedition.

National parks are set up for camping

The most obvious reason to camp at a national park is that many of them are set up for this purpose. You’ll find many of these parks have designated campgrounds, and purpose-built toilets, washrooms and showers. These facilities might mean that you aren’t exactly roughing it when it comes to camping as nature intended, but there is nothing wrong with adding an element of comfort to your stay.

If you wish to persuade people who are not big camping fans that this is a trip worth taking, the presence of toilets and washroom facilities will likely encourage people that this is an activity worth considering.

You can hire camping equipment in many national parks

If you were seeking additional assurances about the acceptable nature of camping in national parks, you only have to take on board the fact many of these campsites offer camping equipment for hire.

Please enquire at the park headquarters, but you will often find items such as tents, sleeping bags, pillows, mats and even kerosene lamps available for hire. This saves you carrying a lot of equipment with you, and it can also reduce the amount of waste left at these camps. This is better for everyone.

As you would expect in Thailand, the cost of hiring camping equipment in a national park is affordable, and should appeal to people on a budget.

There is an entry fee for some national parks in Thailand, so please review this before setting off. Again, the cost isn’t too much, usually around 200 baht to 500 baht when there is a fee involved, but it is helpful to budget accordingly before you set off.

Help is available in the national parks

If you travel around the world, Rangers means different things. If you are in Glasgow, Scotland; you should avoid anything to do with Rangers. However, if you are in a Thai national park, the Rangers will help you make the most of your time here.

The national park rangers are located at the headquarters of the park, and they operate around the clock. These professionals can advise you of local tourist attractions, and if you want to venture far into the park, they will even serve as guides.

If you have any questions at all about your stay in a Thai national park, be sure to seek out a ranger and ask them.

What Thai national parks should I camp at?

With so many national parks on offer, it would be virtually impossible to provide you with an oversight into every park and rank them, that would be a massive project on its own; albeit a very fun way to spend your time.

Therefore, we are going to provide you with an assorted selection of national parks to consider in Thailand, as well as offering some insight into why they might be the best option for you:

  • Sam Roi Yot is an ideal national park if you want to be close to the sea

  • Mae Wong is a stunning park that offers a diverse range of walking trails

  • The most popular national park is probably Khao Yai, so if you like being close to people, this is an excellent choice

  • If you enjoy bird watching and treks, Kaeng Krachan is a great choice; this is also an extremely large national park

  • Sometimes the location of a park makes it ideal and as Khao Sok is located between Samui and Phuket, it will appeal to many campers; also this park offers a rainforest camp, allowing you to stay in the jungle

  • When it comes to viewing a marvellous waterfall, you will find Ti Lor Su to be a great choice

We know that this list is barely scratching the surface of the extensive options available to campers across the national parks of Thailand. If you are planning an adventure, we hope that these campsites will provide you with a starting point in arranging your next trip.

If you have a list of favourite campsites in the many national parks of Thailand, or you feel we’ve missed out a must-see destination, let us know and we will be more than happy to share your thoughts.

There is no denying camping and fishing are hugely popular activities across Thailand, and we look forward to hearing about some of the best trips for fishermen and women.

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