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Camping In Extreme Weather

Camping In Extreme Weather

Camping in extreme weather is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of preparation and patience to be able to enjoy your time outdoors during these conditions. We know that you want to get out there and enjoy nature, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas.

What is extreme weather?

Extreme weather is the catch-all term for weather that is significantly different from the expected pattern. There are many different forms of extreme weather conditions which can be classed under the same term.

Examples of extreme weather include:

  • When the temperature is too hot, called a heat wave

  • When the temperature is too cold, called a cold spell

  • When the winds are extremely strong and there are storm conditions

  • When there is too much rain in a short period of time, resulting in flash floods

  • When there is a prolonged absence of rain, causing a drought

These are all examples of extreme weather, but as you can see, they are very different. Therefore, when people are advised to prepare for extreme weather conditions when camping, it is best to ascertain what sort of extreme weather is predicted.

The way a camper would respond to temperatures being too hot are markedly different from the expected response when the temperature is too cold.

Similarly, measures a camper should take when camping in heavy rain are different from the measures that should be taken when there are high winds.

In some cases, there will be cross-over, which makes preparing for unknown extreme weather simpler, but when you plan ahead, try to find out if extreme weather is predicted, and if so, what type.

Why would you want to camp in extreme weather?

Some people actively seek out extreme weather conditions to camp in, because they love the challenge. If this is you, fair play, because it is something that many people would not enjoy. However, if you are willing to take on an activity that carries inherent danger, it is best you prepare yourself for the challenges you are likely to face.

You also have people who enjoy camping, and find themselves caught up in extreme weather conditions. There will be people who don’t change the weather forecast, and unknowingly place themselves into a challenging, and dangerous, activity.

There will also be times when the weather forecast calls it wrong. Sadly, there have been many people who followed the steps people are advised to take to ensure they camp safely, and have still ended up in a treacherous position.

If you intend to camp in extreme weather conditions, be smart, take precautions, and pack everything you need to ensure you remain safe.

If you aren’t planning to camp in extreme weather conditions, it is helpful to prepare for the worst-case scenario. This way, if the worst does happen, you have an improved chance of remaining safe when camping at a time when the weather is behaving terribly.

What to pack for extreme weather camping?

There is a saying that goes along the lines of, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes choices! When it comes to extreme weather, and camping in this weather, this is partly true. While there are some weather conditions that are too powerful to mitigate, in many cases, the right choice of clothing and equipment will make a world of a difference as to how you can prepare yourself for any eventuality.

Packing the right clothes and equipment give you a better chance of camping safely, and the following items are worth packing.

What to pack for cold weather camping?

If the temperatures are predicted to be low when camping, consider packing the following items:

  • A scarf

  • A sleeping bag cover to offer protection from dampness

  • A warm and thick hooded jacket

  • A water-resistant sleeping bag of at least 4 season standard

  • Base layer clothing which wicks away sweat

  • Fleece gloves and jacket

  • More than one woollen hat

  • Sleeping pads which offer insulation

  • Spare blankets

  • Spare clothes which allow you to layer up

  • Thick socks to wear when you sleep

What to pack for wet weather camping?

If there is likely to be a lot of rain when you camp, consider packing the following items:

  • A water-resistant sleeping bag of at least 4 season standard

  • Spare clothes which allow you to change into something dry whenever required

  • Ponchos and light outer layering which provide an element of protection

  • Sealable bags which add a level of dryness protection for your belongings

  • Waterproof clothing

What to pack for windy weather camping?

If there is likely to be a lot of wind and stormy weather, warm and protective clothing helps, but it is likely that the standard of equipment you bring is the most important factor.

You need a durable and reliable tent that can withstand heavy winds, and you need to ensure the tent is securely fastened to the ground. The equipment you use in securing your tent will have a huge factor in making the most of your camping trip, so invest wisely in this area. Buying the strongest pegs you can afford, laying tarp on the ground, using gaffa tape to add more security and trying to create breaks from the wind will help you ride out the tough weather.

Also, before you go, it is helpful to check your battery packs (and buy more batteries), and invest in equipment that allows you to charge phones and any electrical gadgets you need. As with any camping trip, items like torches, a first-aid kit and matches should be taken in justifiable numbers.

Enjoy your extreme weather camping trip

Camping in extreme weather conditions can be dangerous. However, it can also be exhilarating and exciting. The key to staying safe is planning for the worst-case scenario ahead of time and packing essential items that will keep you alive should anything go wrong. You should also stay in contact with loved ones during your trip so they know where you are at all times or if something goes terribly wrong on your adventure! Stay safe but have fun out there; we hope these tips help make sure this becomes one of your most memorable camping trips ever! If you have any other great advice about how to survive an extreme camp-out in unpredictable weather, please let us know below!

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