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Camping And Fishing Resorts Around The World

Camping And Fishing Resorts Around The World

Fishing is a hugely popular activity around the world, and it is also big business. With camping and fishing up there with the most popular activities, it is no surprise to see there is an abundance of camping and fishing resorts around the world.

Whether you are looking for something close to home that allows you to fish on a regular basis, or you are looking to book a once in a lifetime journey that combines your favourite activities, you have plenty of options.

If you are looking for some of the finest camping and fishing resorts around the world, we are here to assist you.

Sandy Cape National Park, Western Australia

If you are looking for a destination where you can camp on the beach (legally) without being part of a caravan park, this is the setting for you.

The glorious Cape National Park is just 10km to the north of Jurien Bay, and is not too far from Perth. Many people enjoy the diving on offer in the area, but it is the fishing that grabs our attention.

As you would expect from Western Australia, you are on the lookout for tailor, whiting and Mulloway here. There are some sanctuary zones where fishing is strictly forbidden but those aside, you can enjoy fishing in a wide range of spots here.

Lake Michigan, Illinois

When it comes to names known all over the world, we think you’ll instantly recognise Lake Michigan. Found in the Midwest, it’s a name synonymous with the United States of America, of being at one with nature, and of course, with fishing.

Being able to fish on a landlocked frozen lake is an experience, and there is a great deal to be said for making a hole right here! Fox Chain O’Lakes is one of the leading names in the frozen fishing sector. You’ll need to wrap up warm, but this is a fishing trip you will never forget.

Great Abaco Island, Bahamas

If you hanker for sea fishing, the Bahamas is the place to be. The resorts here have some of the finest fishing guides known to man, and if you are looking for expert advice, you will receive top-notch information and guidance.

For many people, it is the presence of marlin that draws them to the Great Abaco Island, but once you are out on the water, you will enjoy the best spots for a wide range of fish. As you make your way out to deeper water, you can fish for tuna and barracuda alongside the marlin.

If you are more of a fly-fishing enthusiast, you should check out the saltwater flats that are around the island.

Connemara, Ireland

While you find yourself in a breath-taking setting with rolling green hills, mountains and valleys around you, your focus will still be on the fishing.

Fly fishing for trout is one of the leading activities here, and with so many great spots to fish, you’ll find that this is one of the most popular destinations in Ireland for fishing.

There are hotels with their own fishing facilities, such as the Grand Ballynahinch Castle Hotel. These are costly, but you don’t need to worry about obtaining a fishing licence when you book here. It is possible to camp in the local area and enjoy a spot of fishing where it takes your fancy, but make sure you have the appropriate licence in place.

Salmon River, New York

The name alone should tell you how great this place. Some people tell you that New York, New York is so good they named it twice, but how can you beat a name called Salmon River, New York?

This is a destination that welcomes competitive anglers for most of the year, so make sure you bring your best fishing skills.

If you are looking to camp where you fish, the tributary of Lake Ontario allows you to do this. Anyone who is keen to fish for salmon will find no better destination than this river!

Khao Thong, Thailand

Let’s face it, Thailand has virtually everything you could want in a tourist destination. There is a tropical climate, a warm welcome from your hosts, and the chance to enjoy some of the finest fishing resorts in the whole of Asia.

You’ll find the finest fishing resorts stocked with a fantastic range of fish, with everything from Siamese carp to catfish on offer.

This is the sort of fishing resort that is perfect for a full day out or an extended stay, so if you want to arrange a fishing holiday that you will never forget for all the right reasons, Khao Thong is a brilliant choice.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

There is always fun to be had in Mexico, and with a guided tour, you and your travelling party will have memories that last a lifetime.

There is no shortage of resorts to choose from, but the Riviera Maya is a fantastic base, and one that opens up many opportunities for fishing excursions. If you are looking for marlin, wahoo, sailfish or dorado, this is the spot to be.

Yellow Fish Paradise, close to Johannesburg

Less than an one hour away from Johannesburg, and located on the banks of the Vaal River lies the stunning yet peaceful Yellow Fish Paradise. This is aptly named because you will enjoy fast and slow runs making their way into the rocky pools alongside 750 metres of river front.

As the name suggests, yellow fish are popular here, but there is a wide range of species to look out for.

The destination is developing a reputation as a fantastic wedding resort, but fishing will always be the key attraction here.

With a fly-fishing coach on site, you can develop your skills here, as well as having a fantastic trip.

No matter where you are in the world, or where you wish to venture next, you’ll find a stunning selection of camping and fishing resorts to choose from. If you have been to any of these resorts, let us know what you thought. Also, if your favourite camping and fishing resort in the world isn’t listed here, let us know and we will share it with the world.

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