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Beginners Guide To Carp Fishing Rigs

Beginners Guide To Carp Fishing Rigs

Carp fishing is a hugely popular activity, and one of the reasons for this engagement is that it is easy to start fishing. You don’t need a great deal of equipment, and you certainly don’t need to spend an awful lot of money to get started with carp fishing.

However, you do need some items, and familiarising yourself with the basics of carp fishing rigs will help you to maximise your fun in as short a time as possible.

What is a carp rig?

Your carp rig is a collection of fishing tackle that you connect to the end of your fishing line, in the hope of hooking and catching carp.

Commonly, carp fishing tackle components include:

  • Bait

  • Hook

  • Hook length

  • A quick-change of swivel clip

  • A lead, leader and lead system

With the items listed above, you can develop your beginner’s carp rig. Over time, you might wish to extend your carp rig, and there are many steps you can take to do this. However, for beginners, and people who want to simplify the process when looking forward to fishing for carp, the above elements will be more than suitable.

The Beginner Carp Rig Set-up

The basic carp rig for beginners is most often referred to as the “hair rig” or the “knotless knot rig”.

The set up involved a hook, which is connected to a boilie, and this connection is made via a knotless-knot.

You can achieve this by wrapping the hook length around the shank various times, depending on lengths but six to eight times is common. You should then feed the hook length through the hook eye. You should then tighten down, and this will complete your knotless knot. A simple tip to tighten down the hook length more forcibly is to use your saliva.

This is a process that has been in use for more than four decades, and it remains popular today. While there are more complicated and well-regarded ways to set up your carp rig, it is easy to see why this method is recommended for beginners.

It is advisable you take the time to perfect this method, and once you feel confident about it, it should come easily. This will help you to get to the more exciting activities in less time on each new fishing trip.

Pre-made carp rigs

While there is a lot to be said for knowing every step of the fishing process, and challenging yourself to do everything by hand, you can also choose from a wide selection of pre-made carp rigs. Some people will complain about the availability of these items, but if you are keen to see as many people enjoying carp fishing as possible, these are a great item to have on the market place.

Pre-made carp rigs will save time, they remove a potential barrier to entry for some anglers, and they can make people feel more confident when it comes to fishing.

Yes, pre-made carp rigs, as with anything that is offered in this manner is likely to be more expensive than buying the individual components and compiling them yourself. If you are on a budget or you are determined to do as much as you can for yourself, take the time to put a basic car rig set-up.

However, there is nothing wrong with using pre-made carp rigs, and if these help you enjoy carp fishing, indulge yourself and make the most of your hobby!

Is there a best type of carp rig?

Ultimately, there is no single carp rig that is better than all the rest. Your needs might be very different from the needs of another angler, so there isn’t going to be a single product that provides the best solution for every problem or need.

However, there are certainly types of carp rigs which appeal to certain anglers, or which are better equipped to resolve common problems. No matter your budget, your experience of carp fishing, where you fish or what type of carp you look to catch, there is going to be a type of carp rig which best suits your needs.

The Ronnie Rig is a popular choice, and it has a number of crucial capabilities that make it an excellent choice. This is a rig well known for its hooking capabilities, so if this is an issue which matters to you, this is the type of rig you should consider.

Also, The Ronnie Rig is a low-lying pop-up rig, and it is well regarded when fishing in a lake that doesn’t have too many weeds to navigate.

The Chod Rig is discussed in positive terms when it comes to fishing in summer and autumn. In these seasons, plants grow at a faster rate, as they are exposed to higher levels of sunshine. This leads to more weeks being on the lakebed, but the Chod Rig is best placed to deal with this problem.

The Zig Rig is a great choice for carp fishing, because it is adept at low or high-water levels. Many people naturally assume that carp are most commonly found at the bottom of the lakebed, but this isn’t the case. The versatility of this rig enhances your chances of catching carp, no matter where they are.

Hopefully this guide provides you with an introduction to carp rigs, and will encourage you to get involved with this type of equipment. No matter your experience level, or where you like to fish, there is a rig that is best for you, and you should find that there is something in your budget.

If you have a preferred carp fishing rig, or you have tried some that don’t work for you, please let us know. We are keen to hear your experiences, and we will share them with other anglers, hopefully helping more people to develop a love of the activity.

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