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Africa - Camping In The Sahara Desert

Africa - Camping In The Sahara Desert

Africa - Camping In The Sahara Desert

If you are sick and tired of camping in cold and miserable conditions, you might be on the lookout for a camping experience somewhere warmer.

If that is the case, how does camping in the Sahara Desert sound? The hottest desert in the world is sure to give you a different camping experience than what you have witnessed before, but you must make sure you are prepared for this unique camping challenge.

What is the Sahara Desert?

It is likely you will have heard of the Sahara Desert, but you might not know too much about it.

It is the largest hot desert in the world, while it is the third largest desert in the world, trailing behind Antarctica, and the Arctic.

You might be surprised at how large the Sahara Desert is. While it is located in North Africa, it stretches out across a large part of the continent, covering 9,200,000 sq km in total. This compares with the size of the United States of America or China!

What is the climate of the Sahara Desert?

If you are looking to camp in the Sahara Desert, you need to know what its climate is like.

As mentioned, it is the hottest desert in the world, and the annual temperature is 30°C.

The warmest temperature ever recorded in the Sahara Desert was 58°C.

You won’t be shocked to learn that there isn’t a lot of rainfall in the Sahara Desert, and around half of the desert welcomes less than one inch of rain every year. If you are used to camping in the rain, this might sound like an appealing turn of events!

However, while the Sahara Desert benefits from a hot climate, you must take note that temperatures drop at night. It is common for the temperature to reach lows of -6°C, which is attributed to the lack of humidity.

It does snow in the Sahara Desert region, but only in the mountain ranges.

Are there lakes in the Sahara Desert?

Yes, there are more than 20 lakes in the Sahara Desert, with the vast majority of them being saltwater lakes. If you are looking for a freshwater lake in the Sahara Desert, you should look out for Lake Chad, as this is the only one.

What activities can I enjoy in the Sahara Desert?

You will find a range of activities to partake in during your time in the Sahara Desert, on top of the standard treks.

Stargazing is very popular, trekking is common, quad biking is exhilarating and sand surfing is a brilliant way to explore the area.

Of course, camping is an activity by itself, and we believe it is a brilliant way to enjoy your time in the Sahara Desert.

When you have the chance to see the sunrise, view the stars at night and catch a glimpse of life that is very different from what you normally see, you should grasp it. Camping in the Sahara Desert is a brilliant way to enjoy yourself in a unique setting.

How long should I stay in the Sahara Desert?

Given the size of the Sahara Desert, you could stay for a very long time, and keep moving on. However, as a minimum, you should look to stay for at least two nights. This gives you a chance to experience a range of scenes and sights in the desert, as well as trying your hand at a few activities. Make sure you have time for a camel trek and plenty of lazing around in a glorious setting.

When I should camp in the Sahara Desert?

The most common time to camp in the Sahara Desert is between April and May, and then again through September and October.

The majority of luxury camps in the Sahara close in July and August, with the temperature climbing to too high a level to be comfortable.

Most camps stay open in winter, when the daytime temperatures are pleasant, but you should prepare yourself for cold nights.

Go off-grid in the Sahara Desert

While you can bring energy pack chargers and recharging devices which allow you to power up your technological products, you’ll find you will likely head off-grid during your time in the Sahara Desert.

This is no bad thing, but if you are reliant on gadgets, you need to wean yourself off them in time. Even the highest standard of camps in the Sahara offers limited recharging facilities, so don’t expect to have full power for any length of time.

If you are planning a camping trip in Africa which encapsulates time in the Sahara Desert, we hope this guide is of benefit to you. Let us know what you are looking forward to during your trip?

If you have camped in the Sahara Desert before, let us know how it was. If you have tips to share with others, what would be your number one piece of advice?


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