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A Guide To Carp Fishing In Italy

A Guide To Carp Fishing In Italy

Italy is a land of many pleasures. Stunning architecture, glorious history, a welcoming climate, beautiful people, tremendous food, passion for life and of course, carp fishing.

Many people don’t associate Italy with carp fishing, but for the people in the know, this is one of the best regions in Europe for carp fishing.

Across the country, there are carp fishing lakes, some are well-known, some are hidden, all offer tremendous challenges to anglers.

With our guide to carp fishing in Italy, we want to help you plan the best fishing trip.

Carp fishing season in Italy

If you want to give yourself the best chance of catching great carp and enjoying your activities, you need to know when carp fishing season is in Italy. Carp fishing season begins in April, and it runs all the way through to November.

This gives you plenty of time to partake in the activity. If you time your Easter break right, you might make it for the start of the season. If you plan a summer holiday in Italy with loved ones, you might be able to squeeze in a day or two of carp fishing. If you take a break in September or October, you will also be well placed to spend a day or two fishing for carp.

Carp is a freshwater fish, as is trout, but the trout fishing season in Italy starts a bit earlier. This season runs from March and lasts until September. If you enjoy both activities, there is plenty of crossover time, but if you are focusing on carp, you have a bit more time at the start of the year to prepare yourself.

Regional carp fishing in Italy

While it is helpful to talk about carp fishing in Italy as a single entity, this is far from the full story. Italy is a beautiful country, made up of many regions. You wouldn’t expect the same sort of break when visiting Milan as you would if you were visiting Rome, and this is the same philosophy to have when planning a carp fishing break in Italy.

By knowing the different regions of Italy, and determining which one sounds most appealing for you, you will enhance your chances of enjoying the best carp fishing adventure in Italy. Here are some of the best Italian carp lakes that you will love visiting.

Lake Como

When it comes to the lakes of Italy, Lake Como is one that is known around the world. This is a popular tourist attraction, with countless guests heading to Lake Como and Valtellina each year.

This region is in the north of Italy, on the border of Italy and Switzerland.

While Lake Lugano is in this area, it is inevitable that the third largest lake in Italy, Lake Como, is the one that captures your attention. Also, there are smaller alpine lakes if you are looking for a quieter place to fish. No matter you cast off in the region, you are sure to be in a glorious setting.

There is a wide range of fish available in this part of Italy, but carp features heavily, so if this is the sort of fish you are looking to catch, Lake Como is an excellent location to consider.

Lombardy Region – close to Milan

While Lake Como can be classed as being in the Lombardy Region, it’s beauty and standing as a tourist attraction often sees its standing apart. You will also find that there are many other carp fishing destinations in the Lombardy region that are worth considering. If you are looking for carp fishing options in the north of Italy, you are not short of options.

Lago Boschetto is a well-known carp fishing spot, and it is not too far from Milan. The carp stock is highly regarded, and the record carp catch in the lake is 68lbs. You don’t need to bag something of this size to have a brilliant carp fishing trip, but knowing it is possible provides anglers with something to aim for.

Lago Malaspina is a 20-minute journey from Milan, and if you are able to gain access to this lake, it is well worth doing so. This lake was unfished for around 30 years, which has helped the area develop a mythical reputation.

There is a loving level of care attached to the lake, and the current owners have clear guidance on bait, and how the lake and fish should be treated. Of course, respectful anglers will not have a problem with these guidelines, as it will ensure they have a stunning lake to return to time and time again.

The record for carp in the lake is 58lbs, and you can fish for silver carp and mirror carp, amongst other type of fish.

Val Brandet

If you consider yourself to be a skilled angler and are looking for a challenge, you will find Val Brandet to be worth your time and attention. This is regarded as a “Trophy Area”, which is down to the size of fish on offer. Anyone looking to catch a massive fish will find a lot to like here.

With wild waters, you get fish of the same nature. Therefore, you are looking at a lot of natural wild carp in this area, so if you are looking to challenge yourself, there are few finer places to fish for carp in Italy than Val Brandet.


You have many lakes to choose from in the Trentino region, but Lake Roncone is likely to be your favourite. The Valle del Chiese offers stunning angling opportunities, but it is this lake, located beneath the stunning village of Roncone that grabs your attention.

There is a fantastic array of wild carp on offer here, alongside rain bow trout and many other exotic fish. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this is a tremendous setting that has played host to fishermen and women for many hundreds of years.

With wooden platforms on offer by the lake and river, you can fish in comfort, helping you in your quest to catch something worth talking about.

Lake Atlantide - Veneto

There is a strong sense of history regarding Lake Atlantide, and with more than 50 years of service, many view it as one of the oldest carp fishing lakes in Italy. Of course, many more people regard it as the finest carp fishing lake in Italy.

The features of the lake draw a fantastic range of fish, which in turn brings out the anglers. A growth of weed offers protection from the sun for the fish, and it is not uncommon to find carp weighing more than 50lb. The record for the lake is 78.9lbs, so there are some whoppers out there.

As you’d expect from such a well-regarded lake, there are many rules to follow when fishing here. It is best to familiarise yourself with these rules, because some breaches might lead to an expensive day out or trip.

However, the standard of fishing on offer is partly down to the regulations, and many anglers are more than happy to abide by these rules if it ensures they experience carp fishing as it is on Lake Atlantide.

River Po

With the River Po stretching out across more than 400 miles, or 650km, it is the longest river in Italy. Therefore, merely saying this is a great river for carp fishing isn’t too helpful to start with. However, with so many fantastic spots for carping, you are unlikely to have a bad day out, no where you fish.

The river is most commonly associated with catfishing, so if you favour this style of fishing, it is likely to be a spot you visit regularly. However, the upper limits of the river plays host to a string of big fish, and this is also a quieter area. If you are looking to catch carp on the River Po, this is the area you should visit.

Oglio River System

With the Oglio River system being a tributary of the River Po, it is no shock to learn this is also a brilliant area for carp fishing. A range of separate torrents combine in the upper reaches of the river system to create the conditions that welcome the finest of fish, including carp, graylings and trout.

Round-up of Italian carp fishing

There is no shortage of stunning Italian carp lakes, and there is a great spread across the country. No matter where you are, you will hopefully find yourself close to a carp lake.

As with carp fishing around the world, it is important to familiarise yourself with local licencing laws when it comes to fishing. These differ from region to region, so once you have decided what lake and area appeals to you most, review what you need to fish safely.

There are some parts of the country where you don’t need a licence, but of course, some areas require regulation.

If you have never fished in Italy before, you will find it is no different from fishing anywhere else in the world. In a country of such beauty and grandeur, it is no surprise many people love the elegance and sport that comes from a great day of fishing carp.

If you are heading to Italy on a carp fishing trip, we’d love to know your plans, and we hope this guide has been of benefit to you. If you are familiar with carp fishing lakes in Italy, please let us know your favourites, and we will be happy to share these for you.



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