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10 Fantastic Camping Tips For Your Ultimate Trip

10 Fantastic Camping Tips For Your Ultimate Trip

One of the best things about camping is that is suitable for everyone, and so many people already enjoy this lifestyle.

This ensures there is plenty of hints, tips and tricks on offer from experienced campers.

We have 10 fantastic camping tips for your ultimate trip, which will ensure you make the most of your activities.

Waterproof everything before you go

Nothing ruins your optimism for a good day than by waking up in a soggy tent. Where you set your tent will play a role in whether you likely wake up wet or not, but the quality of your tent matters too.

Buying a reliable tent is a great starting point, but before you set off on your camping trip, why not apply water proofer to the seams of your tent? It is a small task, and the sealant isn’t too expensive, but it can save you a lot of heartache and misery on your trip.

Practice pitching your tent before you set off

Practice makes perfect, and this is as true for camping as any other activity. You might think the process of pitching a tent is straightforward, but it can be a difficult task when the pressure is on you.

If you attempt to pitch your tent in challenging conditions, or when others are looking on, you might it is a difficult task.

Therefore, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with the process. Practice pitching your tent in your garden. This will also ensure you have all the equipment you need to safely put your tent up.

Position the front of your tent so it doesn’t face the wind

Bracing yourself to step out of your tent and face the world is an arduous task at times, so why make it harder for yourself? If the wind is howling, you might feel the brunt of it upon opening your tent, and feel like staying indoors.

Positioning your tent so it opens out with the wind moving away from you is a helpful way to get on with your day.

Pack your tent last

As your tent is one of the most important items you need when camping, if not the most important, it is one thing you don’t want to travel without.

Therefore, many people will pack their tent early on in the packing process, ensuring they have it when they need it.

However, if you pack your tent first, you then have to un pack your other items before reaching your tent. This can delay the process of settling in, and it might mean your other items get wet.

It makes sense to pack your tent last, so when you arrive at your destination, it is the first thing you remove. This will allow you to set up quickly and easily.

Always pack more torches than you think you’ll need

Torches are essential on all camping trips, and it helps to have a supply of them. If you travel alone, make sure you have a spare or two, and if you travel with your family, make sure that everyone has a torch.

Flash lights for children help them stay safe, but they’ll also help your youngsters enjoy the camping process.

You also want to ensure you have more than enough batteries for your torches!

Make sure your tent stays dry

One of the most challenging tasks you will face when camping is keeping your living quarters dry. To aid this, you should set up items at the front of your tent that keeps you dry. Allow yourself a space to get out of wet clothing, dry yourself off and change into warm and comfortable clothing.

Don’t sleep directly on the floor

Just because you plan on getting back to nature doesn’t mean you need to make it a painful process. If you sleep on the floor, it is likely you will be colder, so place an insulating surface beneath where you sleep. This will raise you off the ground, and ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

Have a pair of socks for sleeping

One of the greatest joys you will experience when camping is cleaning and drying yourself off, and then allowing your feet to slip into a pair of dry and clean socks.

There is a great psychological benefit of this action, and it helps you prepare yourself for a great nights’ sleep. If you are on the go all day, your daytime socks will be in a terrible condition, and your feet will be in need of some TLC. You might be surprised at how much of a boost you get from this simple step.

Take a foldable chair

It is good to have somewhere to sit outside, and take the weight off you. Some people will bring cushions, but if the ground is wet, this will become uncomfortable very quickly.

Also, with a chair, you are set up for a full day of fishing without placing any strain on your back.

Have a backup plan for when you are rained out

While dealing with adverse weather conditions is all part of the fun when camping, there might be times when the weather is too arduous to set foot outside of your tent.

It is best to prepare yourself for this, and have some rainy-day activities you can enjoy from the comfort of your tent. A book or card games might suffice for adults, but if you are camping with kids, it will be a much tougher task.

Board games and your imagination might be your best and of course, a fully charged tablet could save you from some tears and tantrums. And that is just the adults!

With these fantastic camping tips, your ultimate trip got even more exciting. If you have camping tips, we’d love to hear from you.


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